Has 2020 left you with that not-so-fresh feeling? Of course it has. No matter who you are, the events of this year have somehow affected you, your family or your business. 2020 left a stench on each and every one of us and SixAbove Studios would like to help you wash it off.

Throughout the year we have had the privilege of working with many wonderful clients to meet their creative and marketing goals. In what seemed like dark times we have witnessed brands and businesses alike overcome challenges and adapt to the changing culture and environment. It has been truly inspiring. As a thank you to all the incredible people who have supported us this year we created and gifted “Wash off 2020” soap–a helpful aid to start the New Year fresh.

Like many of our projects, Wash off 2020 soap started as an idea in a notebook. As the year progressed it became evident that this product needed to exist. We sourced a variety of striking charcoal-based soaps, handmade in Colorado. The labels were designed, printed, and applied in-house. In total we made 2 dozen customs soaps that made their way to the clients, friends and family of SixAbove.

SixAbove is a creative studio that crafts brands and creates kick-ass products. We specialize in brand identity, package design and advertising for businesses of all sizes. If your brand, product or marketing could use a fresh start we would like to hear from you. Start the conversation by contacting us here.