Tingling Taint
Hot Sauce


This is a limited, hand-crafted, batch of 40 bottles from our fall 2020 harvest. Each 5oz bottle is dated and numbered by the Sauce-Master.

Here at SixAbove Studios we like our hot sauce to be hot, real fuckin’ hot! So we created a sauce that would utterly destroy all other inferior hot sauces – X-Rated Tingling Taint. Tingling Taint is a violently spicy sauce made using our own home-grown habanero peppers and other quality ingredients such as pure maple syrup from Upstate New York.

Is art safe to eat?

X-Rated Tingling Taint hot sauce bottles are limited edition art bottles for you to admire and enjoy visually. Each bottle contains a homemade food product. This product is made in a clean environment using sanitized equipment. All ingredients used are home-grown, or locally-sourced, and pH values are 4.6 or less to ensure shelf stability and prevent bacteria growth. However, since the product has not been prepared in a government inspected kitchen, it is not sold as food. If you choose to consume the contents of your art bottle, you do so at your own risk.

INGREDIENTS: habanero peppers, vinegar, peaches, onion, bell pepper, lemon, pure maple syrup, yellow mustard, garlic.




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