Crafting a Coastal Legacy for New England’s Premier Brewery, Coastline Brewing Co.

Client : Coastline Brewing Co.
Deliverables : Brand Identity and Packaging.
Skills : Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration

Location : 4 Grove Beach Road N
Westbrook, CT, 06498

Setting Sail

When we first met the owners of Coastline Brewing Co. in the blank canvas of a stripped-down office building in Westbrook, Connecticut, the sound of waves set a relaxed atmosphere. Over beers, we discussed their vision for the brewery, focusing on what makes the New England coast unique.

To capture these ideas, we created a mood board with images, colors, and textures that inspired the brewery’s identity.

With a solid grasp on the look and vibe we explored several logo directions that brought beer and beach together. During our logo exploration, an iconic ‘C’ stood out, symbolizing the coastline’s curves and coastal vibes. This simple yet powerful lettermark resonated with the team. After several refinements, the ‘C’ evolved into the final logo that proudly represents Coastline Brewing Co. today.

Success on Tap

With the doors open and the beer flowing, Coastline Brewing Co. saw immediate success. The demand for packaged brews grew rapidly. We worked with the team to develop an extendable label system that celebrated the brand and the brewery’s charm. Our solution featured a consistent line look for instant brand recognition, while using color blocking and illustration to clearly differentiating between brews.

The SixAbove and Coastline Brewing partnership continues as the brand expands through merchandise and new canned offerings, including a few limited-edition brews.