Bringing street cred to the suburban Connecticut pizza scene

Connecticut is the epicenter for pizza culture – with iconic institutions in every town. To introduce a new concept in this market, we found a different spin. Since pizza is the original Italian street food, we were inspired to create Urban Street Pizza – where recipes came from street food flavors from Italy, other towns in Connecticut and even other cities around the country. Eschewing the cliched branding and decor, we embraced the recipe remixes with an ode to street beats and old school hip hop in the design. The result? In one word…fresh.

Client : Urban Street Pizza
Deliverables : Brand Identity and system, Packaging and Marketing materials
Skills : Lettering, Illustration, Graphic Design

Location : 877 Federal Rd. Brookfield, CT

This project was created in collaboration with Feast Agency who developed the restaurant concept, marketing strategy, and copywriting.